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Saturday, July 4, 1998
Oslo, Norway to Marstrand, Sweden
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Marstrand, Sweden:
Latitude: 57° 53' 14" North
Longitude: 11° 35' 43" East
Altitude: 4 feet
From Seattle: 5610 miles
Lodging: Transit - The Marita

Today's Travel:
Countries: Norway, Sweden
Regions: Oslo Fjord, Bohuslan
Path:Oslo, Norway - Marstrand, Sweden
Linear:162 miles
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

Me and Marius winding down the night Marstrand, Sweden

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 450
Linear Dist: 118544
Countries Visited: 33
Regions Visited: 128
More stats...
Hotels: 87
Friends / Family: 147
Camping: 41
Hostels: 134
Transit: 40
Beers: 1752

Journal Entry:
After last nights late night we (not surprisingly) got a late start at about 2 pm. The drive to Marstrand was spectacular but uneventful. The highlife was when Christian realized that Marius (who was driving Christian's car) was used to driving on the Left side of the road. Tore drove the rest of the way...

Got to Marstrand, found the boats, and loaded the gear.

The Crews are:
Marita: Alberth*, Axel*, AJ*, Kenneth, Tom and myself*
Ligita: Christian*, Thomas*, Haakon*, Marius, and Tore
* Part of the New Years at Geilo gang

After getting the gear stored and relaxing a bit we headed off to an amazing (though costly) dinner at the Society House. Many bottles of wine, many beers, and even more spirits were consumed. Marius and I departed early (at about 3:30am) and sat on the deck to watch the sunrise while smoking Cuban cigars and having a final nightcap. I retired at about six, some time after the rest of the crew returned, many of the crew stayed up until nine.

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