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Saturday, December 11, 1999
Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar), Bali, Indonesia to Sydney, Australia
Australia's FlagNew South Wales's Flag

Sydney, Australia:
Latitude: 33° 53' 7" South
Longitude: 151° 14' 2" East
Altitude: 236 feet
From Seattle: 8714 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Sofie and Chris

Today's Travel:
Country: Australia
Region: New South Wales
Route: Garuda Indonesia, flight 716: Denpasar - Sydney
Path:Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar), Bali, Indonesia - Sydney, Australia
Linear:3032 miles
Weather: Partial Sun / Mostly Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 975
Linear Dist: 198300
Countries Visited: 67
Regions Visited: 250
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Hotels: 324
Friends / Family: 232
Camping: 120
Hostels: 220
Transit: 65
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3414

Journal Entry:
Arrived in Sydney absolutely wrecked from lack of sleep. I was worried about immigration since I'm supposed to have an onward ticket - and I don't - but no problem. Sofie was waiting at the airport for me - she looks exactly the same except she has hair (last time I saw her was two years ago and she was still recovering from her drastic hair cut in Milan). We went back to her house and I recovered a little with a shower (wow! hot water!) Chris, Sofie's husband, Sofie and I then set out on a drive around Sydney. The city is beautiful, and after Indonesia it's pleasantly cool. Had coffee and then walked around by the harbor on the north shore. Chris and I went for beers while Sofie did some shopping, then it was time for a nap.

An hour of sleep helped a lot, and really made me look forward to tonight. We went in to the city to meet Sofie's sisters, her parents, and a few friends for diner. While diner was somewhat average (there weren't very many places we could get in to on a Saturday night), everyone was wonderful and it was a great evening. Back in bed fairly early.

I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep. when I got up to go to the bathroom there was a ridiculously large spider watching me. Obviously it was fake, but then it moved. It was the largest spider I've ever seen that wasn't a tarantula (body between two or three inches). I agonized over what to do. Ignore it, kill it, put it out in the yard... I decided the only real option was to kill it. But with what? I didn't want to squish it because that would make a real mess. I finally ended up trapping it under a plastic cup (the cup to pour water in to the iron). Now what?!? There are no magazines, newspapers, or books in the bathroom (how natural is that?) so I have to scrounge for a piece of cardboard to scoop under the cup. I go to throw it into the toilet and it clings to the wrong part and goes flying the other direction. The hunt repeats because sleeping in the next room I understand it's him or me. Eventually I get him again and he gets flushed. Now I can try to sleep again...

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