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Friday, October 15, 1999
JFK Airport, New York City, New York to Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland's FlagReykjanes Peninsula's Flag

Reykjavik, Iceland:
Latitude: 64° 8' 47" North
Longitude: 21° 52' 25" West
Altitude: 131 feet
From Seattle: 4069 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Reykjavik Youth Hostel

Today's Travel:
Country: Iceland
Region: Reykjanes Peninsula
Route: Icelandair Flight 614: New York - Keflavic; SkyBus: Keflavic - Reykjavik
Start: JFK Airport, New York City, New York
Stop 1. Keflavic
End:Reykjavik, Iceland
Linear:2840 miles
Weather: Rain

Available Photos:

Hallgrímskirkja Church Reykjavik, Iceland

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 918
Linear Dist: 174998
Countries Visited: 61
Regions Visited: 243
More stats...
Hotels: 283
Friends / Family: 223
Camping: 120
Hostels: 219
Transit: 59
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3353

Journal Entry:
The flight went by quickly, never got a chance to even try to sleep. The plane actually landed twenty minutes early (at 6 AM). It was raining and the strong wind caused the drops to fall sideways - rendering the shelters ineffective. By seven I was on a bus for Reykjavik (The international airport is actually in Keflavic), and by eight I was in Reykjavik at the downtown Icelandair hotel. I caught a taxi the last little way to the youth hostel - only to find the SkyBus (the bus I obviously got off of a stop early). By eight thirty I was checked into the the hostel and the sky was finally starting to lighten - though with the rain it's kind of hard to tell.

I really only have two days to spend in Iceland, so I couldn't afford to spend the day sleeping, but at the same time I was useless after being up all night. Luckily the hostel kicks everyone out starting at eleven - so I was able to take a couple hour nap and not be tempted to sleep longer. Got up and caught a local bus down town. Spent the day walking around Reykjavik. The cold weather and icy wind meant plenty of coffee breaks. Reykjavik seems like a standard Scandinavian capital (reminiscent of Copenhagen) crossed with a sleepy village. Pleasant enough, but not a whole lot to look at.

Had a nice hour walk back to the hostel. Booked a tour for tomorrow, hung out and read, then headed to bed early.

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