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Sunday, July 25, 1999
Tetouan to Chefchaouen, Morocco
Morocco's Flag

Chefchaouen, Morocco:
Latitude: 35° 10' 6" North
Longitude: 5° 15' 46" West
Altitude: 2044 feet
From Seattle: 6097 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Amy and Ted

Today's Travel:
Country: Morocco
Region: The Rif Mountains
Route: CTM Bus: Tetouan - Chefchaouen
Path:Tetouan - Chefchaouen, Morocco
Linear:32 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Royal Palace with flag at half mast Tetouan, Morocco

Medina Tetouan, Morocco

Ville Novelle with mountains Tetouan, Morocco

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 836
Linear Dist: 154925
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 238
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Hotels: 267
Friends / Family: 172
Camping: 118
Hostels: 217
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 3118

Journal Entry:
Another weird day. When I checked out of the hotel I asked the manager if I could leave my bag for a couple hours. He said sure - for 30 dh (the hotel room only cost 50!) Screw that. Went to the bus station and checked my bag at the left luggage counter and bought a ticket to Chefchaouen on the seven o'clock bus.

The plan was to spend the day wandering around Tetouan's medina then catch the evening bus back to Chaouen. What I saw yesterday of the medina was interesting, but I wanted to see it with some life. Unfortunately it's still closed! Actually almost everything in the entire city is shut down today for the king's funeral.

I quickly became bored, and went back to the bus station to see if I could get an earlier bus - no chance. There are no busses this afternoon, and there was even talk that the 7 o'clock bus wouldn't run. Basically I should have taken the 11:30 AM bus when I could. There were several other stranded travelers and I ended up hanging out with an American guy, a Kiwi guy, and an English woman. We ended up spending most of the afternoon sitting on the porch or some government building next to the Royal Palace playing cards. With the constant stream of mourning processions and impromptu rallies through the square it was rather surreal.

Finally at six a few of the cafes opened so we could at least get some food. Then caught the seven o'clock bus which, thankfully, did run. In Chaouen there were tons of people on the street - it all seemed rather festive except for the somber atmosphere. Amy and Ted weren't home, so I left a note and settled down at a cafe. At ten they still weren't home. I was starting to panic and trying to decided what I should do, when I ran in to Amy and Lindsay (she's back) walking down the street. Weird - they (Lindsay, Ted, and Amy) had all been in Tetouan that afternoon as well. They were at the bus station a mere half hour after I gave up and had been wandering around the medina the same time I was. They'd managed to get an unscheduled bus back around four.

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