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Monday, May 11, 1998
Cairo, Egypt to Ely, England
Egypt's FlagCzech Republic's FlagEngland's FlagBohemia's Flag

Ely, England:
Latitude: 52° 14' 40" North
Longitude: 0° 44' 39" East
Altitude: 150 feet
From Seattle: 5440 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Deedee

Today's Travel:
Countries: Egypt, Czech Republic, England
Regions: Nile River Valley, Bohemia, Greater London, East Anglia
Route: Czech Airlines flight 271: Cairo - Prague, Czech Airlines flight 650: Prague - London, Train: London - Ely
Start: Cairo, Egypt
Stop 1. Prague, Czech Republic
Stop 2. London
End:Ely, England
Linear:2514 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Danube, Charles Bridge, and Castle Prague, Czech Republic

All photo images © 1997-2000 Anthony Jones - Images may not be used without prior written approval.

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 396
Linear Dist: 102474
Countries Visited: 32
Regions Visited: 126
More stats...
Hotels: 86
Friends / Family: 99
Camping: 39
Hostels: 134
Transit: 38
Beers: 1509

Journal Entry:
Didn't get much sleep on the flight to Prague (surprise). Got to Prague, called Mom for mother's day and got some disturbing news from home. Spent a couple hours at the airport just dealing with being tired and what was going on.

Tried to get hold of Penny (a family friend, see Istanbul entries) who is supposed to be in Prague, but the hotel number I had didn't know anything about her. Ended up going into town and spent three hours walking around. It was a beautiful Spring day and the walk was thouroughly enjoyable. I finally got to see the Astronomical Clock do it's hourly performance (something I just missed three or four times when I was here before) - honestly I was unimpressed - especially after waiting three months to see it.

Got to Heathrow, called the travel agent, spent an hour on the tube, got to the travel agent... and three hours later I have my next 8 flights bookes (London - LA, Orange County - Seattle, Seattle - Sacramento, San Jose - Orange County, LA - London, London - Oslo, Oslo - London, and London - Madrid). Called a number of friends (made while traveling) and decided to go up to visit Deedee (met in Norway) in Bury St Edmond since she doesn't have to work tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'll come back, pick up my tickets from the agent, and try to hook up with Karen and Jody (met in Wadi Rum, Jordan).

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