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Wednesday, December 17, 1997
Montpellier, France to Barcelona, Spain
France's FlagSpain's FlagLanguedoc's Flag

Barcelona, Spain:
Latitude: 41° 23' 42" North
Longitude: 2° 9' 49" East
Altitude: 1133 feet
From Seattle: 6104 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Albergu de Juventud Kabul

Today's Travel:
Countries: France, Spain
Regions: Languedoc, Catalonia
Route: Train:Motpellier - Narbone, Bus: Narbone - Perpignan, Train: Perpignan - Port Bou - Barcelona
Path:Montpellier, France - Barcelona, Spain
Linear:194 miles
Weather: Rain

Available Photos:

Casa Botllo Barcelona, Spain

Mistake Barcelona, Spain

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 251
Linear Dist: 88071
Countries Visited: 20
Regions Visited: 94
More stats...
Hotels: 42
Friends / Family: 82
Camping: 35
Hostels: 66
Transit: 26
Beers: 1037

Journal Entry:
Last night was supposed to be a long night, it just ended up bing a little longer than I'd planned. I caught the 3:11 train to Port Bou, but I got in the wrong car, so somewhere along the way I got changed to a different train (Rookie mistake). It wasn't a huge deal since all the train schedules were delayed due to the storm that was going on. I realized I was on the wrong train in Narbone, and there were frequent Port Bou trains, or rather there should have been. After a couple hours the train company brought a bus which took us to Perpignan, where I caught a train to Port Bou, and then after an other hour wait, caught a train to Barcelona. Total transit time Nice to Barcelona: 22 hours.

I was a bit tired, but I decided to hold out and get back on schedule. Spent the afternoon walking around and checking out the various Gaudi buildings on La Rambia. Decided to do laundry and by the time I got to bed it had been a 40 hour day. I'm too old for that kind of schedule.

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