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Thursday, December 4, 1997
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Netherlands's FlagHolland's Flag

Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Latitude: 52° 21' 51" North
Longitude: 4° 54' 52" East
Altitude: -12 feet
From Seattle: 5617 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Rob and Natsuko

Today's Travel:
Country: Netherlands
Region: Holland
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

Rob and I smashing cabbage for Natsuko's Okonomiyaki Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 238
Linear Dist: 86854
Countries Visited: 17
Regions Visited: 89
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Hotels: 40
Friends / Family: 81
Camping: 35
Hostels: 57
Transit: 25
Beers: 980

Journal Entry:
Rode with Rob down to the train station and a few other travel agents to figure out if he and Natsuko would be traveling with me to Paris. Alsas, they will not (to expensive and time consuming). Returned my bike to the rental company.

Spent the rest of the day on my own. Spent almost 20 minutes at the Van Gough museum (just kidding Mom, I actually spent most of the afternoon there). Also went to the Sex Museum (it is Amsterdam, right?). I can't say enough for the Van Gough museum, and found the sex museum tedius and almost boring.

Rob and I went out to a student bar to meet up with his friends. Ended up staying until the bar closed (after three sometime), and walking home talking about the good old days, didn't get home until after five (it should have been a ten minute walk).

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