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Saturday, November 15, 1997
Edinburgh, Scotland to York, England
Scotland's FlagEngland's Flag

York, England:
Latitude: 53° 58' 8" North
Longitude: 1° 6' 10" West
Altitude: 33 feet
From Seattle: 5273 miles
Lodging: Hostel - York YHA

Today's Travel:
Countries: Scotland, England
Regions: The Lowlands, Northumbria, Yorkshire
Route: Bus: Edinburgh - Jedburgh - Cawfields - Richmond - York
Start: Edinburgh, Scotland
Stop 1. Jedburgh, Scotland
Stop 2. Hadrian's Wall, Near Cawfields
Stop 3. Richmond
End:York, England
Linear:183 miles
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

The ruins of Jedburgh Abbey Jedburgh, Scotland

Section of Hadrian's Wall Cawfields, England

Richmond Castle Richmond, England

Dion, Angela and I Richmond Castle, Richmond, England

Castle and fog Richmond Castle, Richmond, England

All photo images © 1997-2000 Anthony Jones - Images may not be used without prior written approval.

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 219
Linear Dist: 85045
Countries Visited: 14
Regions Visited: 72
More stats...
Hotels: 40
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 43
Transit: 24
Beers: 889

Journal Entry:
Left Edinburgh. First stop was at Jedburgh Abbey. Another beautiful, ruined abbey. It's very nice, but I can definitely tell I'm starting to get imune to this stuff.

Next stop was a section of Hadrian's wall. A wall built all the way across England by the Romans to keep the Scotts out. It's not all that inspiring anymore, but it made for a nice walk and we got to watch part of a fox hunt. 6 horses and riders, 30+ dogs, 1 wounded fox, yeah that's a sport.

Stoped at Richmond to see the castle there. Here again, very nice, but after a while all the castles start to look the same. The one nice thing was the thick fog gave the castle grounds a very erie quality.

At York Andrew (our bus driver) made everyone dinner. Somehow the hostel had my bed reservation down as a female, and there were no other male rooms avavailable, so I ended up gettin a nice single for the price of a dorm bed. I went out with the group for a while, but ended up coming home early to luxurate in the privacy.

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