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Tuesday, September 23, 1997
Helsinki, Finland
Finland's FlagHelsinki's Flag

Helsinki, Finland:
Latitude: 60° 10' 0" North
Longitude: 24° 58' 11" East
Altitude: 152 feet
From Seattle: 6027 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Eurohostel

Today's Travel:
Country: Finland
Region: Helsinki
Route: Suomenlinna Ferry
Start: Helsinki, Finland
Stop 1. The island fortress Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Stop 2. Suomenlinna Coast (picnic spot), Helsinki
End:Helsinki, Finland
Linear:4 miles
Weather: Rain / Sunny

Available Photos:

Helsinki waterfront Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

Me exploring Suomenlinna Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

The Suomenlinna coast Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

Fortress view Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 166
Linear Dist: 78541
Countries Visited: 7
Regions Visited: 43
More stats...
Hotels: 30
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 18
Transit: 6
Beers: 576

Journal Entry:
Headed out into the brutally cold rain to catch the hydrofoil to Tallin (Estonia), but there was too much wind and all the runs were cancelled. Walked around Old Market Hall (got lunch), Market Square, and downtown. Got sick of being out in the cold and went into a cafe. Had a couple cups of coffee and read for an hour or two. Decided to go back to the hostel, but when I came out it was clear and sunny (still brutally cold), so I decided to catch the ferry to Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna is a fortress build on five small islands. Spent a couple hours exploring the old passages (wish I'd brought a flashlight!). Walked around the islands some, and had a picnic supper on the farthest coast from the ferry landing.

Back at the hostel spent way to many hours doing my laundry (waiting for the dryer).

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