Rover - Code browser/ editor
Version 0.40 (Beta 2)
Last Modified: Friday, March 09, 2012 This is the Fifteen Thousand Ninetieth view since 06/30/01.
Important Note: No one seems to be using this (except me) so I've stopped developing it. If you use it let me know what you think - perhaps I'll continue working on it.

Screenshot of Rovers's About screen:

Rover Screenshot
Note project tree on left shows project loaded

Screenshot showing Rover editing a function:

Rover Screenshot 2
Note the prototype of the selected function in the status bar

Screenshot showing Rover editing a function in fullscreen mode:

Rover Screenshot 3

What is it?
Rover is an editor and browser for code written in C and C-like languages (i.e. Pocket C). It allows you to edit across multiple files, tracks objects (functions / global variables / macros / resources / etc.) their names and locations, and let you jump in and out of each's code. It also does auto indent, and can even match parenthasis!

Download / Use:
ARM: For ARM based Windows CE devices (48 KB)
SH3: For SH3 based Windows CE devices (49 KB)
MIPS: For MIPS based Windows CE devices (49 KB)


Current Version?
The latest version is Version 0.040 (Beta 2) and is dated July 6, 2001.

Added / Fixed since last release (ver 0.35 - Beta 1):

Known Problems:

Why was it written?
I'm traveling right now, one of things I do to pass the time is program. Pocket C is great for this, and when I wish that my H/PC did something it doesn't, well I do my best to make it. But with a large project spread over several files Pocket C's editor is very difficult to use - Rover was my solution. I wrote it and used it to develop my own apps, but then realized that others might apreciate it, so over the last several months I've cleaned it up and here it is!

Where was it written?
Rover was written in India, The Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, the US (Guam), and Micronesia. If you're intrested here's my travel journal.

What is OnHiatus Software?
This is a collection of software that I wrote while traveling (mostly) in Africa. It's all free, none of it is guaranteed, and it all does something I find useful but you may not. I only have an HP Jornada 720 so I can't comment on it's suitability for other machines. See my Software page for other Windows CE applications in the OnHiatus Software project.

NOTE:This Application is Freeware. No guarantees, I can't be held responsible for any damages caused by using or misusing this program! You get what you pay for...


Rover is very far from completely robust, furthermore I have only tested it on a HP Jornada 720. Be careful and backup your work! I did loose data in early versions of Rover.

hi·a·tus \hi-'â-tes\ n [L. fr. hiare to yawn] 1 : a lapse in continuity : GAP

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