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Screenshot of Launch Pads's specification screen:

Launch Pad Screenshot

Screenshot of Launch Pads's build files screen:

Launch Pad Screenshot

What is it?
Launch Pad generates fully configurable, native, launchers with custom icon and tray support. This means different things to different people:

Download / Use:
ARM: For ARM based Windows CE devices (48 KB)
SH3: For SH3 based Windows CE devices (49 KB)
MIPS: For MIPS based Windows CE devices (49 KB)
Universal: For other CPU based Windows CE devices (i.e. x86) (42 KB)
Note: Non-native (universal) version has some loss of functionality - see readme file


Current Version?
The latest version is Version 1.0 and is dated May 30, 2001.

Known Problems:

Why was it written?
I wanted a way to use the icons I was creating with Pike (the Icon editor I wrote).

Where was it written?
The bulk of Launch Pad was originally written in Australia with the remainder written in New Zealand. This version was also worked on in India, The Maldives, Nepal, and Thailand. If you're intrested here's my travel journal.

What is OnHiatus Software?
This is a collection of software that I started writting while traveling in Africa. It's all free, none of it is guaranteed, and it all does something I find useful but you may not. I only have an HP Jornada 720 so I can't comment on it's suitability for other machines. See my Software page for other Windows CE applications in the OnHiatus Software project.

NOTE:This Application is Freeware. No guarantees, I can't be held responsible for any damages caused by using or misusing this program! You get what you pay for...


I feel that Launch Pad is stable and robust, but I have only tested this version on an HP Jornada 720.

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