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Friday, August 25, 2000
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tanzania's Flag

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:
Latitude: 6° 49' 18" South
Longitude: 39° 16' 58" East
Altitude: 1900 feet
From Seattle: 11228 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Safari Inn

Today's Travel:
Country: Tanzania
Region: Greater Dar es Salaam
Weather: Sunny / Partial Sun

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1233
Linear Dist: 236541
Countries Visited: 70
Regions Visited: 268
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Hotels: 449
Friends / Family: 302
Camping: 130
Hostels: 261
Transit: 77
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4204

Journal Entry:
I didn't sleep much last night - I could keep the memories of my grandma out of my head. I was very lucky to have her a ten minute walk away from my home growing up. She was such a happy, vital person. It has been very hard for me to reconcile my memories of her with her appearance the last few times I've visited, but now it's so much harder to accept that she is completely gone. I will always be thankful for the memories.

Got up early to change some money and call home. It was good to talk to my parents and my mom seems to be dealing well, but it was also frustrating because the phone rates are so expensive here that I only had enough money to talk for ten minutes. I'm looking forward to being back in Cairo where I can talk longer. Due to lack of sleep and the fact that I wasn't feeling very orientated we decided not to go diving.

Spent the day walking around Dar. I went on a quest for the FedEx office to send my H/PC home for repairs. I never found the FedEx office, but did stumble on to a DHL office so it got sent home. Hopefully the turn around time will be very quick and I can have something get to me in Cairo early next week. Went through one of Dar's markets (the only one in the central area) and did some shopping. I spent some more time sorting through and started replying to some of the emails that had piled up while we were in Malawi.

We decided that we needed a treat for dinner so headed out of the center to Addis in Dar - and Ethiopian restaurant that had been highly recommended. Amy had never had Ethiopian and I've never had it outside of Ethiopia so we were both very curious. The meal was fantastic - one of the best I've ever had.

Back at the hotel I could hardly keep my eyes open and I was able to remember my grandma in my earliest memories without too much pain as I fell asleep.

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