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Sunday, November 7, 1999
London, England to Port Louis, Mauritius
Mauritius's Flag

Port Louis, Mauritius:
Latitude: 20° 9' 0" South
Longitude: 57° 29' 0" East
Altitude: 78 feet
From Seattle: 13101 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Le Saint Georges Hotel

Today's Travel:
Country: Mauritius
Region: Island
Route: Air Mauritius flight 057: London - Mauritius
Start: London, England
Stop 1. Airport, Mahébourg
End:Port Louis, Mauritius
Linear:6837 miles
Weather: Overcast

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 941
Linear Dist: 187600
Countries Visited: 62
Regions Visited: 245
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Hotels: 293
Friends / Family: 231
Camping: 120
Hostels: 220
Transit: 63
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3368

Journal Entry:
I was so tired I actually managed to get some sleep on the flight! I dozed on and off for five hours. After landing I got through customs and immigration quickly. I talked to a guy at the taxi stand regarding a taxi in to town. He told me the taxi would use its meter and it would cost between five and six hundred Rupees - which was in line with what the book said and I'd been told. He directed me to a cab and off we went. A few minutes down the road I noticed that there wasn't a meter, so I asked, and the driver said there wasn't one. So I asked if it was just a flat rate of 500 then, and he said no, 700. I told him to let me out and that the man at the stand had said 500 or a the meter. Then he pulled off the piece of paper he had covering the meter - which was running - and said that he'd had a feeling so had started it. A few minute later he said, or your luggage and hit the extra button three times - adding 90 Rupees to the cost. I said no, that was included there was only me and the care could hold four people, the luggage wouldn't make more than the three hundred. We finally agreed to a flat 600.

The hotel I was planning on staying at has closed down so I went to my second choice. It's a more expensive hotel, plus they didn't have any cheap rooms left so it's even more so. I do have a very hot shower, my own toilet, and air-conditioning. Actually it is a very nice room. Tomorrow I'll try to move to a cheaper room though - there's no point in having an expensive room if you're by yourself and are not going to use it. I'm only going to be in Port Louis long enough to get my Madagascar visa then I'll head for the more beach oriented places.

It was late afternoon by the time I checked in to the hotel (the flight was a couple hours late arriving as well as leaving). I couldn't motivate to go for a walk with the remaining light so stayed in my room relaxing - but trying not to fall asleep - I want to be able to sleep tonight. Sometime later I took a shower, then had an ok diner at the hotel's restaurant.

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