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Saturday, August 14, 1999
Algeciras, Spain to Rabat, Morocco
Spain's FlagMorocco's Flag

Rabat, Morocco:
Latitude: 34° 1' 2" North
Longitude: 6° 50' 3" West
Altitude: 27 feet
From Seattle: 6085 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel Balima

Today's Travel:
Countries: Spain, Morocco
Regions: Andalucia, The Mediterranean Coast
Route: Ferry: Algeciras - Tangier; CTM Bus: Tangier - Rabat
Start: Algeciras, Spain
Stop 1. Tangier
End:Rabat, Morocco
Linear:184 miles
Weather: Mostly Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 856
Linear Dist: 156486
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 241
More stats...
Hotels: 275
Friends / Family: 176
Camping: 118
Hostels: 217
Transit: 57
Other Lodging: 12
Beers: 3191

Journal Entry:
Long travel day. In the morning checked with a travel agent what it would cost to fly to London from Málaga and Casablanca. It's quite a bit more to fly from Casablanca (about $300 instead of $150) so even through I can't get a flight from Málaga until Tuesday I decide to go from there. We also check the ferry schedule and Amy decides she's going to take the noon ferry to Tangier. Over breakfast we talk about it, and I start thinking about it. The cost of lodging, transportation, and food is more in Spain, plus I'd get to London earlier in the day and thus have a better chance to get a ticket home quickly if I fly from Casa. I convince myself to go to Morocco and at 12:40 (the ferry was late) I'm on my way back to Africa.

In Tangier we walk straight to the train station, conveniently next to the ferry terminal - I knew where it was from last summer when I came to Africa. Unfortunately the train station has been moved - now it's way outside town. So we decide to take a bus. It's a brand new super deluxe bus, but it' also the slowest thing I've ever been on, I don't think it ever broke 40 mph. Get to Rabat nearly five hours later.

The hotel we were planning on staying in (The Veleda) was full and it was getting late so we decided to stay at the somewhat ritzy Balima. I check the train schedule (I'll need to get down to Casa to catch the plane) and have shwarma for diner. After diner I call Royal Air Morocco since I realized that tomorrow is Sunday so I won't be able to find a travel agent. The only problem is it's a lot more expensive than what I could have bought in Spain. More than $600! Tried to call British Airways but the office is closed. Looks like I might be doing today's travel in reverse tomorrow...

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