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Friday, August 13, 1999
Lagos, Portugal to Algeciras, Spain
Portugal's FlagSpain's FlagAlgarve's Flag

Algeciras, Spain:
Latitude: 36° 7' 58" North
Longitude: 5° 26' 41" West
Altitude: 27 feet
From Seattle: 6032 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Gonzales Hostal

Today's Travel:
Countries: Portugal, Spain
Regions: Algarve, Andalucia
Route: Train: Lagos - Tunes, Tunes - Vila Real de Santo Antonio; Ferry: Vila Real de Santo Antonio - Ayamonte; Bus: Ayamonte - Huelva, Huelva - Sevilla, Sevilla - Algeciras
Start: Lagos, Portugal
Stop 1. Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal
Stop 2. Sevilla
End:Algeciras, Spain
Linear:287 miles
Weather: Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 855
Linear Dist: 156302
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 241
More stats...
Hotels: 274
Friends / Family: 176
Camping: 118
Hostels: 217
Transit: 57
Other Lodging: 12
Beers: 3191

Journal Entry:
Very long travel day. Wake up with the icky hangover feeling. It's very difficult to get moving and we end up rushing to catch the train. Get stuck at the drawbridge but end up making the train with a few minutes to spare. Two trains, a walk, and a ferry later we're back in Spain. Timing is perfect for a bus to Hueva, and in Hueva a bus to Seville. In Seville there's just barely enough time to catch a taxi to the other bus station and jump on the bus to Algeciras. Luckily the bus stops for diner, which means we get into Algeciras an hour later, but we haven't had time to grab anything to eat all day.

Get into Algeciras around midnight and start the quest for a hotel. Checked the closest hotel - full. Walking towards the strip of hotels by the port a scooter with two people on it passes us slowly. When we got to cross the street I noticed that it had turned around and was stopped a ways up the road, but didn't think about it. A minute later the scooter comes by at full speed and grabs my duffel bag - which Amy is carrying. She doesn't let go and the thief looses their grip and the bag goes flying in to the middle of the street. The scooter takes off, and a car stops just before running over the bag. The bag had twelve rolls of developed film (the entire east coast of Africa) and my big camera in it. The camera appears to be ok and more importantly I didn't loose the photos - and the negatives! Spain has lost a lot of it's charm lately.

After three more rejections we finally find a room at the fifth hotel we try. I guess it's good that we have everything but the events have put me in a shitty mood.

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