A.C.T.² - A Character Tool
Version 1.0
Last Modified: Friday, March 09, 2012 This is the Thirty Five Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Second view since 11/08/99.

Screenshot of the main A.C.T.² view:

A.C.T.² Screenshot

What is it?
A.C.T.² is a tool to select the extended characters not available from the keyboard for use in documents, email, coding, and HTML pages. Its basic functionality is that of Charmap.exe under Windows 95 / 98 (and NT, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, etc. - but not CE). It easily allows the entry of such things as: Ð, Æ, ©, ß, ¥, and ½ into text documents (pWord, email, etc.). Without A.C.T.² you'd need to know that the above string could be entered as ALT+208, ALT+ 198, ALT+169, ALT+223, ALT+165, and ALT+189 respectively. Like Charmap A.C.T.² can select the characters which can be copied into a document, email, etc. Unlike Charmap A.C.T.² can also supply the characters in ASCII (for coding) and HTML formats. For example:

   Char:    ASCII    HTML:   
   Dec:       Hex:   

Download / Use:
ARM: For ARM based Windows CE devices (75 KB)
SH3: For SH3 based Windows CE devices (76 KB)
MIPS: For MIPS based Windows CE devices (77 KB)
Universal: For other CPU based Windows CE devices (i.e. x86) (70 KB)
Note: Non-native (universal) version has some loss of functionality - see readme file


Current Version?
The latest version is V.1.0 and is dated May 27, 2001. This version of ACT² was written on the road with only my HP Jornada 720 to test it on. Please report any bugs or suggestions to me.

Added / Fixed since last release (ver 1 Beta 1):

Why was it written?
I'm traveling right now, and as I travel I keep my journal on the web. This has required all kinds of strange html codes for the accented characters. I had most of them memorized, but then I got to Iceland and I couldn't find the code for 'Ð' and 'ð' I realized this would be an easy and valuable tool for me to write. A couple days later in a hotel room I started it.

Where was it written?
A.C.T.² was initially written in Morocco. I wrote the bulk of its functionality in a seedy hotel room in Casablanca. The rest was written at my friend Amy's house in the village of Goulmima in southern Morocco. This version was finished in the US, India and Nepal.

What is OnHiatus Software?
This is a collection of software that I wrote while traveling in Africa. It's all free, none of it is guaranteed, and it all does something I find useful but you may not. I only have only tested it on an HP Jornada 720 so I can't comment on its suitability for other machines. A.C.T.² was the first application in the OnHiatus software project to be released. See my Software page for other Windows CE applications in the OnHiatus Software project.
NOTE: This Application is Freeware. No guarantees, I can't be held responsible for any damages caused by using or misusing this program! You get what you pay for...


I feel that ACT² is stable and robust, but I have only tested it on an HP Jornada 720.

hi·a·tus \hi-'â-tes\ n [L. fr. hiare to yawn] 1 : a lapse in continuity : GAP

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