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Thursday, July 25, 2002
Maap Island to International Airport, Yap, FSM
Micronesia's FlagYap's Flag

International Airport, Yap, FSM:
Latitude: 9° 35' 54" North
Longitude: 138° 10' 40" East
Altitude: 9 feet
From Seattle: 6718 miles
Lodging: Transit - Continental Flight 954: Yap - Guam

Today's Travel:
Country: Micronesia
Region: Yap
Route: Continental Micronesia flight 954: Yap - Palau - Guam
Path:Maap Island - International Airport, Yap, FSM
Weather: Partial Sun

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 43
Linear Dist: 8541
Countries Visited: 3
Regions Visited: 9
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Hotels: 14
Friends / Family: 22
Camping: 3
Transit: 1
Hospital: 2
Beers: 86

Journal Entry:
We got to sleep in a bit - at least relative to my last few mornings! We spent the morning talking about plans and thinking about packing. Late morning Stacy and Sue went in to town to run some errands (mainly shipping their borrowed dive gear back to Pohnpei). I spent the afternoon beach combing, packing, and generally cleaning up. When Stacy came back I wrote some email then went with her to the dive shop to send it. Sue came back a little later and the girls packed, we paid our bills then caught a taxi back to Colonia. In Colonia we went to the Manta Bay hotel and met up with some friends of Stacy and Sue's (people who work for the dive shop that MERIP gets all its dive gear from). Around ten we caught a taxi to the airport - we were going to take the hotel's shuttle bus but it would have cost five times more! At the airport we hung out, some of Sue's ex students visited her, and eventually we got on the one AM flight. Not much chance of sleeping on the flight as there was a layover in Palau and it was pretty crowded.

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