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Sunday, July 7, 2002
Koror, Palau
Palau's FlagKoror's Flag

Koror, Palau:
Latitude: 7° 20' 40" North
Longitude: 134° 29' 4" East
Altitude: 149 feet
From Seattle: 7071 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Jesuit Residence

Today's Travel:
Country: Palau
Region: Koror
Weather: Partial Sun

Available Photos:

Looking back at concert under Koror side of KB Bridge KB Bridge, Babeldaob Island, Palau

Band Under the KB Bridge, Koror, Palau

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 25
Linear Dist: 8074
Countries Visited: 3
Regions Visited: 7
More stats...
Hotels: 7
Friends / Family: 14
Camping: 1
Hospital: 2
Beers: 51

Journal Entry:
Early wake up call when the bells for mass started at 6:30. Spent the morning writing some email and then hung out around the breakfast table. Sue, Bill, Todd, and Kyle went out to lunch and were then heading to a benefit concert for Xavier High School (on Chuuk - they'd all worked there). Stacy and I decided we'd walk to an internet cafe and then try to walk to the concert (maybe four miles total). The internet cafe was a big surprise - quick connection, good espresso(!), and even a great milkshake! While we were out walking around we also checked out car rentals - we were thinking of renting a car to explore Koror and Babeldaob Islands. We also hit a surf wear shop and I went a little crazy - three pairs of shorts and a shirt later - I can put off laundry now. We started to walk towards the KB bridge (the concert is being held under it), but were kind of worried about the time as we might miss all the music so we caught a taxi. The concert was pretty interesting - it was held under the Koror side of the Koror Babeldaob bridge - a pretty neat venue. Most of the audience drove their cars in and sat in them - very much like a drive in theater at home. Applause was usually done with the horn! Anyway the music was very good - some of Sue's ex-students. We also walked across the new bridge, wandered around the other side, and then walked back on the temporary floating bridge that replaced the old bridge when it collapsed. Stacy and I hung out mid bridge for quite awhile - it was sunny with a nice breeze, and we could still hear the music without it being to loud to talk. In the evening the guys who were playing last night joined the high school group (who'd been playing for almost seven hours!)Stacy and decided to make up for taking the taxi and walk back - mostly uphill, but a very nice hour walk. Only problem was the lack of walking space - kind of scary having to deal with either the cars (relative to Pohnpei there was a lot of traffic), or the steep drop off. Back at the house we had a great diner and then set off to play pool at a bar. The pool playing was pretty bad, but the karioke that was going on at the bar was so bad that it was funny - for a bit, eventually that's what drove us out. Doing some research at the house it doesn't seem like a good idea to rent a car tomorrow - most of Babeldaob is unreachable by a conventional car - we need to either get a 4WD ($$), or do some careful planing.

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