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Monday, August 9, 1999
Salema, Portugal
Portugal's FlagAlgarve's Flag

Salema, Portugal:
Latitude: 37° 3' 56" North
Longitude: 8° 49' 47" West
Altitude: 372 feet
From Seattle: 5808 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Estalagem Infante do Mar

Today's Travel:
Country: Portugal
Region: Algarve
Route: Bus: Salema - Sagres; Walk: Sagres - Point Sagres - Cape Saint Vincent - Sagres; Bus: Sagres - Salema
Start: Salema, Portugal
Stop 1. Point Sagres
End:Salema, Portugal
Linear:16 miles
Weather: Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 851
Linear Dist: 156006
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 241
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Hotels: 273
Friends / Family: 176
Camping: 118
Hostels: 217
Transit: 57
Other Lodging: 9
Beers: 3174

Journal Entry:
Checked with the hotel and they had another room for us so we don't have to go searching for a place to stay. Caught a bus to Sagres and were there by noon. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice cool breeze so we walked the short distance to Point Sagres. The fort that supposedly housed Henry the Navigator's school didn't look like much and had a long line (strike two for Algarve coast being undiscovered) so we decided to skip it.

We were walking along the cliff tops towards Cape Saint Vincent but got distracted by a beautiful beach on the way. The beaches are all small coves with small strips of beach and looming cliffs. Better yet on this side of Point Sagres there's surf! The waves were pretty decent size (maybe 3-4 feet) when we got there but as the tide went out they got big (up to six feet). Without fins or a board there wasn't much I could do but it did feel great to go swim and play in the surf (first time since ?).

After two or three hours in the sun we decided to change into our dry clothing and continue the walk towards Cape Saint Vincent. Unfortunately we got pummeled by a wave on the way and our shorts ended up wet. We decided to sit in a cafe and have a beer why the dried. One beer led to a second and then it seemed time to eat so we walked back to Sagres.

We had tried to arrange to meet Amy's friend Kerry in Lagos on Thursday. She's just finished her service with Peace Corps Morocco and was traveling around Portugal with her father. On the beach we'd been talking and Amy said that she didn't think Kerry was going to make it since it was only for a day before Amy had to head back to Morocco and who knows where she was. I said that if she was doing tourist stuff there was a good chance that she and her dad were somewhere in the Algarve. A couple hours later near Sagres trying to find a restaurant we ran into Kerry and her dad Carl!

We stood in the road talking for quite a while before Amy and I really needed food - so we all headed for a nearby cafe that Kerry and Carl had just come from. Unfortunately the kitchen had just closed for an hour - so we had another beer. And another. And one more. We agreed to meet Kerry in Salema tomorrow where Carl was going to give us all a ride to Lagos on his way to catch a plane in Lisbon. Amy and I realized that we didn't have time to eat before the last bus so we went and waited for the bus back to Salema - which was an hour late. Back in town we were exhausted - too much drinking on an empty stomach. Went out to a subdued diner and called it a night.

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