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Thursday, December 24, 1998
Mamfé to Limbé, Cameroon
Cameroon's Flag

Limbé, Cameroon:
Latitude: 4° 0' 42" North
Longitude: 9° 12' 0" East
Altitude: 8 feet
From Seattle: 8808 miles
Lodging: Camp - Mile Six Beach

Today's Travel:
Country: Cameroon
Region: Sud-ouest
Route: Mamfé - Mbakwa - Kumba - Limbé
Start: Mamfé
Stop 1. Mbakwa (Long Bridge)
End:Limbé, Cameroon
Linear:138 miles
Weather: Partial Sun

Available Photos:

Tree Mbakwa, Cameroon

Falls From Long Bridge, Mbakwa, Cameroon

Vine bridge From Long Bridge, Mbakwa, Cameroon

Falls Off road, near Mbakwa, Cameroon

Old hanging bridge Mbakwa, Cameroon

Old hanging bridge Mbakwa, Cameroon

Long Bridge Mbakwa, Cameroon

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 623
Linear Dist: 131494
Countries Visited: 46
Regions Visited: 181
More stats...
Hotels: 192
Friends / Family: 155
Camping: 69
Hostels: 145
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2156

Journal Entry:
Had a minor hassle when the hotel decided they couldn't take French francs (last night it was no problem). Went to the bank and dealt with the hassles of changing money - they wanted to charge a commission even though it's the same currency (West African CFA to Central African CFA) but with some argument we convinced them to let us change a small amount with no commission.

Long drive over rough dirt roads through dense jungle with no signs of civilization except for the occasional small village. Suddenly in front of us is a very long concrete bridge (at least a km long) curving like ribbon across a sea of green vegetation - dense rainforest actually. It's very modern, graceful, and completely out of place! Stopped to walk back and take pictures. From the bridge we spied a waterfall up river and a vine bridge down river. There was a path along the bridge wide enough for the car so we headed for the falls. We ended up in a gravel quarry a good kilometer from the falls and going any further was going to involve swimming. The vine bridge turned out to be a short hike from the road, but unfortunately it was in need of repair so we were unable to cross it. It was an interesting construction - totally traditional, nothing but vines and some wood supports.

The rest of the drive to Limbé was long. The roads make for slow travel and the police checkpoints, while not as bad as Nigeria, slowed us down more. Once in Limbé we started to search for Truck Africa (the overland truck group that we've met everywhere) since they were going to spend Christmas here. We couldn't find them and gave up and started searching for a hotel. At the second hotel we checked we ran into two other VSOs that we'd met in the Cameroonian consulate in Calabar and we were told that the Truck Africa group was camping some miles out of town. We headed out to the campsite, touched base with the Truck Africa people, then went out to a great diner. Diner was even greater because the manager of the hotel we ate at allowed us to use the hot (well warm) shower in one of the rooms. Went back, set up camp, sat around the campfire and made plans for diner tomorrow night (we'll be having it with the TA folks). It will be nice to fall asleep to the sound of surf again...

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