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Thursday, December 3, 1998
Iture, Elmina to Kumasi, Ghana
Ghana's Flag

Kumasi, Ghana:
Latitude: 6° 40' 26" North
Longitude: 1° 37' 24" West
From Seattle: 8033 miles
Lodging: Camp - Rose's Guest House

Today's Travel:
Country: Ghana
Regions: Coastal Ghana, Ashanti
Route: Land Rover: Iture - Cape Cost - Kakum National Park - Cape Coast - Kumasi
Start: Iture, Elmina
Stop 1. Kakum National Park
Stop 2. Cape Coast
End:Kumasi, Ghana
Linear:166 miles
Weather: Partial Sun

Available Photos:

Lizard Kakum National Park, Ghana

Me on canopy walkway Kakum National Park, Ghana

Looking down tree Kakum National Park, Ghana

Canopy walkway Kakum National Park, Ghana

Forest village Kakum National Park, Ghana

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 602
Linear Dist: 130354
Countries Visited: 42
Regions Visited: 170
More stats...
Hotels: 187
Friends / Family: 155
Camping: 54
Hostels: 144
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2084

Journal Entry:
Got an early start (on the road before eight). Stopped for a junk-food breakfast at Shell (We've become quite addicted to the Shell Gas station shops - all kinds of Western junk food - even Doritos - plus Fan!) Then drove up to Kakum national Park. The big attraction at this preserved bit of rain forest is a suspended canopy walk that runs through the tree tops nearly fifty feet above the ground. Unfortunately only two of the seven walkways were open. It was interesting, but actually quite a disappointment - no animals larger than a lizard and only a couple butterflies (the park is supposed to contain more than 600 varieties). Even the rain forest witch was admirably dense was no more dense or impressive than we've seen on the side of the road in a half dozen places.

Rest of the day was spent driving to Kumasi. In Kumasi we stopped at one of the guest houses where we could camp and had a lovely parking lot that we could camp in and we could use their facilities (bucket showers and kitchen - except there was not stove or refrigerator). We checked out another guest house where we could camp and found a beautiful tree to set up under, plus access to hot showers and the air conditioned lounge room - with television. We opted for the second place and spent the evening watching bad cartoons, drinking cheap beer, and reading Newsweek and Time until diner.

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