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Monday, July 6, 1998
The Kattegatt (Between Sweden & Denmark) to Anholt, Denmark
Denmark's Flag

Anholt, Denmark:
Latitude: 56° 42' 59" North
Longitude: 11° 33' 47" East
Altitude: 4 feet
From Seattle: 5671 miles
Lodging: Transit - The Marita

Today's Travel:
Country: Denmark
Region: North Coast
Path:The Kattegatt (Between Sweden & Denmark) - Anholt, Denmark
Linear:57 miles
Weather: Partial Sun / Rain / Sunny

Available Photos:

Survivors! Anholt, Denmark

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 452
Linear Dist: 118636
Countries Visited: 33
Regions Visited: 130
More stats...
Hotels: 87
Friends / Family: 147
Camping: 41
Hostels: 134
Transit: 42
Beers: 1764

Journal Entry:
We got into Anholt's harbor early this morning. We had apparently won the first match by over an hour, but it turns out that there was some confusion over the finish line. It was supposed to be outside the harbor, but when the captains were talking about it they agreed on a spot outside where they thought the harbor was - on the other side of the island. So we went to the harbor while the other boat went to the agreed upon finish line. Right after we got in to the harbor the weather went from nasty to really nasty, meaning that the other boat got really abused. There's no real way to tell who was ahead because in the bad weather and dark we were totally out of site of each other.

Both crews were very glad to be back on land, but also felt that we'd accomplished something sailing all night through such horrible conditions. Anyway today was a well deserved resting day.

When everyone finally got up tonight we went and had a nice diner at a nearby restaurant. After diner there was live music by "Master Fat Man" (or something like that), apparently well known in Denmark, the prince of Denmark's fiancé was doing the backup singing.

Long night celebrating our survival. Some dancing, some laughing, lots of drinking (apparently the habit for this trip - not a big surprise).

[Entry written later from notes: 26 September 1998]

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