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Friday, February 20, 1998
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Romania's Flag

Cluj-Napoca, Romania:
Latitude: 46° 46' 9" North
Longitude: 23° 35' 32" East
Altitude: 1334 feet
From Seattle: 6795 miles
Lodging: Transit - Train 634: Cluj-Napoca - Bucharest

Today's Travel:
Country: Romania
Region: Transylvania
Weather: Sunny

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Church Steeple Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 316
Linear Dist: 93933
Countries Visited: 25
Regions Visited: 102
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Hotels: 51
Friends / Family: 98
Camping: 35
Hostels: 104
Transit: 28
Beers: 1333

Journal Entry:
Walked to the train station, bought a ticket to Sigihisoara, and couldn't find a luggage storage so I set of to explore Cluj. Spent the morning / early afternoon walking around Cluj. It's a pretty town with lots of old buildings that are just starting to be restored. The suroundiing country is beautiful (lots of space, mountains, and trees).

Got back to the trainstation 30 minutes early and went to the apropriate spur. After the train was an hour late I went to ask when it would be there, I was told (I think) that it had already left. I think what happened is that they announced a change over the loudspeaker (in Romanian) so I was waiting at the wrong spur. Now my choice was to catch the next train to Sigihisoara, which would put me there at 2am, stay in Cluj-Napoca another night, or catch a night train to Bucharest. I was kind of annoyed with Cluj for missing my train and I didn't want to get to a new place at 2 in the morning, so I opted for Bucharest.

Since I now had another six hours to spend in Cluj I made the extra effort and found a luggage check. Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the back streets and just trying to get a feel for Romania (since I was basically already on my way out). After it got dark I went and saw the movie Dante's Peak (admission was less than US$1). The movie wasn't very good, but I enjoyed it, and got way more emotionally envolved than I should have. I think that I'm starting to get emotionally volital. Travel stress, lack of a home or consistancy?

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