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Tuesday, December 16, 1997
Nice to Montpellier, France
France's FlagCote dŽAzur's FlagLanguedoc's Flag

Montpellier, France:
Latitude: 43° 36' 16" North
Longitude: 3° 52' 49" East
Altitude: 792 feet
From Seattle: 6058 miles
Lodging: Transit - Train: Montpellier - Narbone

Today's Travel:
Country: France
Regions: Cote dŽAzur, Languedoc
Route: Train: Nice - Montpellier
Path:Nice - Montpellier, France
Linear:168 miles
Weather: Overcast / Rain

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 250
Linear Dist: 87877
Countries Visited: 19
Regions Visited: 93
More stats...
Hotels: 42
Friends / Family: 82
Camping: 35
Hostels: 65
Transit: 26
Beers: 1032

Journal Entry:
Slept in after my major birthday celebration, and got to the train station minutes after the perfect train had left. Decided to go to Montpellier where I could hang out for the afternoon / evening and catch a late, late (actually early) train at three in the morning.

My plan was to get to Montpellier and eaither check my pack, or put it in a locker and then go out look around, maybe get a nice diner. The best laid plans... The lockers were in the process of being replaced, and the baggage check was closed for some reason. In other words it was lug my huge pack around or hang out at the station. I made it as far as the Mc Donald's across the street before deciding I didn't want to carry the pack. So I got to spend 8 hours in the Montpellier station. There was a major storm going on which meant most trains were delayed, so there were a lot of unhappy travellers to keep me company.

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