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Friday, November 21, 1997
Dublin to Cork, Ireland
Ireland's FlagDublin's FlagWicklow's FlagLimerick's Flag

Cork, Ireland:
Latitude: 51° 54' 19" North
Longitude: 8° 27' 49" West
Altitude: 10 feet
From Seattle: 5050 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Cork International Hostel

Today's Travel:
Country: Ireland
Regions: Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow, Kilkenny, Cork, Tipperary, Limerick
Route: Car: N7, N9, N10, N76, N24, N8
Start: Dublin
Stop 1. Kilkenny
End:Cork, Ireland
Linear:145 miles
Weather: Sunny / Rain

Available Photos:

A fully loaded Guinness truck! Dublin, Ireland

Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny, Ireland

Ducks in the former castle moat Kilkenny, Ireland

Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny, Ireland

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 225
Linear Dist: 85711
Countries Visited: 15
Regions Visited: 79
More stats...
Hotels: 40
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 48
Transit: 25
Beers: 919

Journal Entry:
Made a fainal pass through the Guinness shop to pick up some souvineers, then spent the morning calling car renatl agencies. By the time we'd found a car to rent and delt with all the paperwork it was afternoon. Delt with horrible traffic getting out of Dublin.

We stopped in Kilkenny and did the castle tour. I found the tour a little boring, but Jason liked it. The castle was very pretty, I just duidn't think it was that interesting on the inside.

Got to Cork in the dark, found a hostel that we'd seen advertised in Dublin. The hostel was way to disgusting to stay at so we spent the next 90 minutes touring every street in cork multiple times (ie lost) looking for the HI.

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