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Last Modified: Thursday, July 05, 2012
This is the Sixty Six Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Sixth view since 11/01/99.

Welcome to the OnHiatus Software Project!
The Project was started whith some programs I wrote while traveling in Africa. Later additions include applications written in Asia and Australasia. It's all written for the Windows CE platform and it's all free. Enjoy!
Important Note: None of these applications are currently supported - I do not even have access to a CE or Windows Mobile device!



Pike is a powerful full featured editor for icons and small bitmaps. Includes all the standard drawing tools, separate editing of the bitmaps and transparency masks, and multiple file loading.

  Launch Pad


Launch Pad generates native launchers. Launchers let you give anything on your Windows CE device a custom icon. Besides complete icons support launchers also provide full task bar launching functionality and configurable parameter handling.

For an example of what can be done with Launchers see the latest release of Pike - it uses a launcher to get it's custom icon and manage command line input.



A Character Tool - A charmap like tool for accessing extended characters for use in documents, coding, and html pages. Provides access to the character, their ASCII codes (decimal and hex), and the html codes.

  HiP Keys


HiP Keys is a utility to edit and create keyboard shortcuts. For example using HiP you could set the Windows Logo Key + the "W" key to launch Pocket Word. Similarly <WIN>+<X> could launch Excel.

HiP also supports the editing of the hardware hotkeys on the HP660LX, HP630LX, and HP Jornada 720 (above the keyboard and to the right of the screen).


0.4 (β2)

Rover is an editor and browser for code written in C and C-like languages (i.e. Pocket C). It allows you to edit across multiple files, tracks objects (functions / global variables / macros / resources / etc.) their names and locations, and let you jump in and out of each's code. It also does auto indent, and can even match parenthasis!

hi·a·tus \hi-'â-tes\ n [L. fr. hiare to yawn] 1 : a lapse in continuity : GAP

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