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Five Random Quotes
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One of the gladdest moments of human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of habit, the leaden weight of routine, the cloak of many cares and the slavery of home, man feels once more happy.
       --Sir Richard Burton , [387/1855]
A dead line is negative inspiration. Still, it's better than no inspiration at all.
       --Rita Mae Brown, [286/1855]
I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
       --Sir Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965), [462/1855]
I worked in a health food store once. A guy came in and asked me, 'If I melt dry ice, can I take a bath without getting wet?'
       --Steven Wright, [1540/1855]
The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass.
       --Martin Mull, [990/1855]
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